Costumes for a Lady

Ah yes, we are fully in fall. At least in the Pacific Northwest. Leaves are falling, days are likely gray and the rain has resumed.

The conversations amongst my friends feature pumpkin flavorings, football, Oktoberfest and of course Halloween. Which, if you’re like me, you likely discuss around this time and yet never actually make a costume decision until the night before. Last year I scrambled to create a fabulous costume only to fall ill.

This year Halloween falls on a Thursday, making it oh so possible for the holiday to extend through the entire weekend. This guarantees a party in one form or another.

I’ve pulled together a few places you can check out for some ideas and directions on how to Do It Yourself.


I love what National Women’s History Museum has shared via Pinterest. Check out their suggestions for costumes here.

Always the go to source for any homemade project you can peruse the selection from Martha Stewart. She’s created options from difficult and lengthy to simple and quick.

By far my favorite site for costume ideas is Costume Works. They have hundreds of photos to browse, you’re sure to find something to inspire you.

If nothing excites you or time still ends up being a factor go with a classic. Audrey Hepburn will always work.

One thought on “Costumes for a Lady

  1. Wow! Me and my friends are going to match our costumes this year and we all meet up a day before the actual event and we definitely rush to buy things. I’ll make sure to browse through your suggestions.

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