3 Coat Trends to Love

Coats can be expensive and I don’t generally recommend choosing trendy pieces. But here are 3 trends I adore with silohettes that are flattering and likely to stay around multiple seasons. While I wouldn’t invest in their expensive counterparts, I think you’ll find these options budget friendly and perfect for this winter.

Target Peacoat $59.99

Target Peacoat $59.99

I love the fit & flare that is popping up all over the place this year. There’s no reason that you need to be devoid of all shape in your winter coat. Plus this will work on all body types!

H&M Cape $59.95

H&M Cape $59.95

Oh, the Cape! It’s romantic and daring all at once. What I love best about a cape is that is transitions seamlessly from day to evening wear.

Generally, the military style has made me cringe. Likely due to the shapeless styles. BUT layer this with a chunky sweater and cute ankle boots and we’ll say all is forgiven. Don’t go to far and lose all your shape, try pairing with skinny jeans or a skimming maxi skirt.

Which will you consider adding to your wardrobe this winter?

Old Navy Military Jacket $54.94

Old Navy Military Jacket $54.94

Taking the Summer out of ‘Summer Dress’

IMG_2073The only thing I don’t enjoy about fall is the process
IMG_2062of packing up my summer clothes. It’s no fun to say adieu to the cute dresses and sandals.

This year I decided to keep some of my summer dress a bit longer. By pairing them with coordinating tights and jackets I can extend their life well beyond the sunny and warm days of summer.

This blue one with horses is my favorite so far. While I won’t get to show of the peter pan-ish collar anymore I see many jacket and scarf pairings in my future.  I may event find a way to sneak a long sleeve under for added warmth.

Now that I’ve found one way to make my wardrobe last longer I’m hopeful I’ll be able to find a few other ways.

Do you have tricks to making certain ‘summer’ items extend into fall/winter?

Wish List: Combat Boots

Let’s face it, we all have items we really want. Either they’re closet staples we’ve put off purchasing or they’re trends that we can’t resist. Since I can’t go out and pick up every item I want I thought I would start sharing items on my wish list. A handful of these items will find their way into my closet but I imagine there will be many that (likely due to cost) will not end up in my hands.

Right now I’m lusting after Combat Boots. I see them everywhere in Seattle. Yes, I do mean everywhere. Ladies wear them with skinny jeans, their summer dresses and now tights and sweaters.


I know what you might be thinking… ‘Seriously, Cassandra? We’ve done Combat Boots. Ugh, that’s so 2011.’ I understand. I never thought they would last past one fall/winter season. They’re not just for bad girls like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. Zoe Saldana, Gwen Stefani, and Rachel Bilson can all be seen sporting the Combat Boot.

Yet here I am searching various retailers to find a combat boot I like. While you won’t find me in the studded or floppy variety I definitely find the sleek mid-calf boot appealing.

Because I won’t be spending the $200 to invest in Dr. Martens(I’m just not ready for that commitment), here are a couple that fit the look I enjoy as well as the budget.




Charlotte Russe Distressed Laced Combat Boot


Target Khalea Combat Boot




JCP Betseyville Gage Lace-Up Boots


Costumes for a Lady

Ah yes, we are fully in fall. At least in the Pacific Northwest. Leaves are falling, days are likely gray and the rain has resumed.

The conversations amongst my friends feature pumpkin flavorings, football, Oktoberfest and of course Halloween. Which, if you’re like me, you likely discuss around this time and yet never actually make a costume decision until the night before. Last year I scrambled to create a fabulous costume only to fall ill.

This year Halloween falls on a Thursday, making it oh so possible for the holiday to extend through the entire weekend. This guarantees a party in one form or another.

I’ve pulled together a few places you can check out for some ideas and directions on how to Do It Yourself.


I love what National Women’s History Museum has shared via Pinterest. Check out their suggestions for costumes here.

Always the go to source for any homemade project you can peruse the selection from Martha Stewart. She’s created options from difficult and lengthy to simple and quick.

By far my favorite site for costume ideas is Costume Works. They have hundreds of photos to browse, you’re sure to find something to inspire you.

If nothing excites you or time still ends up being a factor go with a classic. Audrey Hepburn will always work.

Button it up

Since making the move to Seattle, I’ve found a need to make IMG_0880 - Editedgreat shifts in my wardrobe. Since Seattle is more mild and less severe in weather changes I can’t go straight from sweaters and tights into shorts and tanks.

Yes, the Pacific Northwest appears to have a spring. Which means I need to add clothing that can handle a chilly morning as well as a pleasantly warm evening commute.

My solution is to add short sleeve and three quarter sleeve button ups to the mix. I scored these two over Memorial Day weekend when the thrift shop was having a 50% off sale.

New York & Co. Teal Three Quarter Sleeve
Retail: $39.95  Thrift: $9.99 (50% off) $4.99  Savings= $34.96!

IMG_0883 - Edited

NEW Pink New Girl Polka Dot Short Sleeve
Retail: $43.99 Thrift: $12.99 (50% off) $6.49 Savings: $37.50!


I’d say saving over $70 on 2 items is well worth it!

Dress like Rosario Dawson

In the case of this outfit on Rosario Dawson one piece will take you rosario a long way.

It won’t be difficult for you to mimic this look. Pair a simple peplum dress (in a bold color) with nude strappy sandals and a stylish outfit is born!

Simple and straightforward this will work for both work or an evening out.


Target $27.99

Forever 21 $26.80

Forever 21 $26.80

Preparing for Summer: Sunglasses

One thing I’ve learned about Seattle is that people here lose their sunglasses.

Target $12

Target $12

Good. So do I.

Apparently, many people cite that as the reason they believe Seattle sells more Sunglasses per Capita. (I’ve found no evidence that this is actually true.) As someone who doesn’t normally have the best of luck with my sunglasses I like their solution to the problem. Buy cheap sunglasses.

Unless you’re someone who spends hours out in the sun, you probably will do just fine with them. On the other hand if you spend a majority of your time participating in outdoor activities you might want to consider investing in quality frames with UV protecting lenses. You’ll appreciate it when
you’re older.

JCP $15

JCP $15

Just because you’re not investing in your sunglasses does not mean they can’t fit you properly. While you may have an urge to pick up the latest trend as with everything you need to consider your shape. In this instance that would be your face shape.

Forever 21 $5.80

Forever 21 $5.80

Here are the styles you should consider based on the shape of your face:

Heart: Cat-eye

Oblong: Oversized

Square: Oval

Round: Angular

While these are not the only styles that look good on each shape they are a great starting point. Please keep in mind these are styles for when you want to be noticed. If you’re making that no-makeup run to the grocery store, by all means wear your oversized sunglasses.

Have you picked up your summer shades? Tag us on Instagram or Twitter with your new Sunglasses! (@MWestMillennial or Twitter: @AdrielePaige Instagram: @adrieled)

Closet Staple: Swimsuit

Victoria's Secret $79

Victoria’s Secret $79

We will continue our Preparing for Summer theme by ensuring that you have a swimsuit that will look good on you.

If you plan on spending a significant time at the pool or beach it is important that you own multiple swimsuits. Start with a classic style and feel free to add more trendy styles as you see fit. I’m not a bigger swimmer or sunbather so one simple and classic style for me is perfect.

I recommend going with a solid or near solid pattern for your suit. Patterns can be the first thing to date your swim suit. Also skip the off the wall colors for this one. While neon is hot right now, there is no telling how long it will stick around. It’s better if you choose a color that looks best on you.

JCPenney $44.80

JCPenney $44.80

Swimsuits are not a one style flatters all pieces of clothing. Here are a few tips based on body shape:

Boyish: Create the illusion of an hourglass figure by wearing a mono-kini.

Curvy: Shirring on a one-piece will help you appear leaner and longer.

Small-Chested: Don’t be afraid to wear a push-up style bikini.

Large-Chested: Do your ladies a favor and go with the underwire style.

Figleaves 442

Figleaves $42



Good swimsuits can be hard to find. Help our readers by sharing in the comment section where you’ve discovered fabulous swimsuits!

Preparing for Summer: Beach Bag

It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day is around the corner. With it comes the realization that Summer is here and if you’re like me, you’re no where near ready.

Over the next few days Adriele and I will help you bring your closet up to speed to make your days at the beach or lake, enjoyable.

Before you add anything, you’re going to need a beach bag. Toting your bag around all summer can be damaging. I have had many sad bags that just make it to Labor Day. That is OK. In this case you are not making an investment.

What activities you have planned will really determine what type of bag you should purchase. Here are some things to consider on your search.

Target $19.99

Target $19.99

JCP $20

JCP $20

Forever 21 $12.80

Forever 21 $12.80

  • How far/often will you be carrying your tote? If it’s simply in and out of restaurants, no worries, but, if you are walking longer distances consider wide, sturdy straps. They’ll be more comfortable for you whether you are carrying your bag in your hand or over your shoulder.              
  • What will you be carrying? If you’re just packing your essentials like a towel, reading material, sunblock etc. then most any bag will do. Make sure it has a depth to it, 5″ is a safe bet. Now, if you plan on taking your laptop, work material or even your kid’s toys along with you, you’ll need to look for a large bag.
  • What is your style? Generally, when purchasing a beach bag, one does not have to worry about whether it will match every possible outfit for the summer.  It should however, be a reflection of you. If you like to glam it up, no matter where you are, don’t pick the slouchy style. If your style is more bohemian don’t grab the structured classic tote. Your beach bag is an opportunity to showcase you. Make sure you pick a bag that fits you.



Now that you’ve picked out a bag, what is the one item that you just have to have at the beach?

I can’t go to the beach without my chap stick and camera.

Share yours in the comment section below!

Refashion: Skinny Grey Pants

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to do a ugy grey pantsrefashion. There have been two reasons: one, I didn’t bring my sewing machine; two, I haven’t had much time.

The first excuse was solved with the loan of my aunt’s sewing machine. The second excuse was solved by me admitting that it was just an excuse.

Today’s refashion was out of necessity. Yes, I’ve done something similar in the past. BUT, I desperately needed to add another pair of pants I could wear in Seattle. Until the weather is more stable I can’t rely on being able to wear skirts regularly like I did in Wichita.

So here’s the breakdown on yesterday’s project. First, I took these old navy pants that were picked up sometime ago at a thrift store and tried them on. While they fit me perfectly in the hips I noticed that they were not only too big in the leg, they also sagged in the crotch. I knew I wanted these to work well with flats and boots so I chose to go with a skinny style.

pinned legAfter pinning on one side (the inseam), I took them off. I then turned them inside out. I had to play a bit with my aunt’s machine, making sure the tension was going to work for this material. Once that was all set I started sewing at the crotch and in one continuous swoop I took it all the way down to the hem.

I flipped them right side out to make sure the had gotten the new seam correct. Assured that the fit was what I was looking for, I proceeded to sew the same continuous line on the other leg.

Voila! I have a pair of nice fitting skinnies grey
grey skinny pants and it only took about 10 minutes. (That includes me trying to take my selfies.)


What type of refashion would you like me to try next?