Red Carpet Copycat: Marion Cotillard in Dior

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So… this jacket was sent to me by blogger Being Zhenya as part of a blogger swap organised by Martyna at Spoolish and Miche at Buttons and Birdcages about two years ago. Two years?! Yes, I know it’s been a while, sorry Zhenya. I asked her for something to refashion and she sent two great items from the thrift stores of Minneapolis. I’m a bit sad that it’s taken me this long to get to it, but the package didn’t arrive in time for the original post deadline so it went onto the back… Continue reading Red Carpet Copycat: Marion Cotillard in Dior

Weekend of August 28th

August 28 – The Neverending Story The 80s gave us many wonderful tales and that includes this one that’s playing at Cal Anderson. Relive your childhood and if you’re adventurous, introduce your little ones to it. FREE Concerts at the Mural How about a night of honky-tonk fun? KEXP never steers you wrong, so you’re bound to enjoy this night of twangie rock. FREE August 29 – Summer at SAM Create your own art, or start your Saturday with yoga. This is the last event in the series, so go enjoy what the Seattle Art Museum has to offer. FREE August 30 – Seattle … Continue reading Weekend of August 28th

A Day with Tillamook

As a member of the Tillamook Co-Op, I was invited down to their annual member meeting. The hours long event is free to members–we just have to get there. I’m always up for an adventure, so we loaded the car and made our way down to Tillamook County. The meeting kicked off with a presentation from Patrick Criteser, CEO of Tillamook, followed by a Q & A panel with Tillamook employees and Farmer Owners. I can now tell you why their Cheddar is yellow and why they don’t have low-sodium cheese. We also got to hear from Real Food entrepreneurs who … Continue reading A Day with Tillamook

Weekend of August 21st

August 21 – Ballard House Party Local hip hop artist, Grynch, will tell you all about his volvo. A bit higher than my #spendlessaugust rules, but well worth the splurge. $10 August 22 – Bike In The group bikes from Capitol Hill to Greenwood for a film screening. The film is FREE, food & beverage is $. Summit Block Party This under-hyped event is full of local artists, and true to block party style features a variety of entertainment. FREE August 23 – Viking Days Do you have what it takes to be a viking? Probably not, but here’s a fun way to experience … Continue reading Weekend of August 21st

Weekend of August 14th

August 14 – Concerts at the Mural KEXP and Seattle Center have come together to give us some of the best music for these sultry summer nights. Enjoy the sounds R&B under the light of the Space Needle. FREE Mighty-O Grand Opening Go celebrate the best donut shop in Seattle opening their second location in Ballard. Everyone gets a free donut. Dress up as a super hero and you just might earn yourself a year’s worth of free donuts. FREE August 15 – Seattle Street Food Festival Head down to South Lake Union to explore the creations of local chefs and pop up shops. … Continue reading Weekend of August 14th

Trim Your Own Bangs

Normally, I’m consistently trimming my bangs – as in weekly. But in the craziness that has been my life, there have been no trimmings. Which means, I’m taking on a bit of Cousin It’s qualities. The other day at lunch I couldn’t see my son across the table without finagling my bangs first. I knew it was time to take serious action. I’m a fan of getting my bangs trimmed by a professional, but considering my #spendlessaugust commitment, that’s definitely a splurge. Especially considering I can do it on my own. Warning: If you’ve never trimmed your bangs before, take … Continue reading Trim Your Own Bangs

Weekend of August 7th

August 7 – SLU Block Party Enjoy music, drinks and tons of fun. Is it the Capitol Hill Block Party–no, but it’s easier on the pocket book and full of potential. FREE Princess Bride is showing as part of Bedtime Stories from Three Dollar Cinema. This is a great way to introduce a friend to this classic and enjoy Capitol Hill. FREE La Luz is launching their second album. Describe as surf-rock, it’s not a sound for everyone but I can’t help but tap my feet and wish I was cruising toward a beach. This show is a well under-priced, so no excuses here my friends. $5 … Continue reading Weekend of August 7th

An Easy DIY Baby Shower Gift

Buying a gift for a baby shower is often a hard choice. Little onesies and adorable outfits are hard to resist. But they don’t last very long and for a new mother are rarely impactful. I often try to remember the things I used most, and those are my go-tos for baby/mama gifts. Recently, I attended a friend’s baby shower. In preparation I jumped online to check out her registry. It wasn’t really a surprise that she had no burp cloths on her list–most mothers usually don’t think about it (I know I didn’t). But I recall a friend of … Continue reading An Easy DIY Baby Shower Gift

A Month of Creative Spending

As we head back into the school year, close out our summers, and realize that over half the year has passed it’s a perfect time for self reflection. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you probably don’t know that halfway through this month I will be ending my current project. Without a guaranteed paycheck, many would probably be sinking into panic. You’ll notice, I’m not. I have a plan. And I’m starting it now. Once I have no job, I’ll be cutting my budget in half each month. So in preparation, I’m using August to tighten that proverbial belt. No … Continue reading A Month of Creative Spending