Weekend of April 17th

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April 17 – Dave Attell¬†You’ve got 4 chances over 2 nights to fit this into your schedule. If you don’t recognize him, what rock have you been under? His appearance list seems to span every major show.

April 18 – Allen Stone with Special Guest Sam Lachow¬†Do yourself a favor and check out this show with 2 up and coming local artists. Allen launches his new album and his concerts are known for his engagement. You don’t have to know his songs to enjoy this. Knowing him, he’ll have you singing along before the end of the night nonetheless. National Parks Free Entrance Days¬†Kick of National Park week with free admission for the weekend. Take this opportunity to explore our national heritage. Take the kids along and enjoy the adventure of nature.

April 19 – G-Eazy¬†So really you’re probably going to this show to see Snoop Dogg, but G-Eazy is enough reason to go out on a Sunday night.

April 20 РDrawn: The Art of Ascent Take a journey with this multi-media film that incorporates hand drawn animation and live action photography across the earth. This event goes beyond the screen with a live art creation during the screening plus Q & A following.

April 23 – Community Resource Exchange¬†This annual opportunity connects those experiencing homelessness with the resources they need. From simple things like dry socks and toothpaste to more complex issues like housing and medical, this event gives you to give in a direct way. Volunteers are needed, as well as supplies and professional.¬†Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck¬†This exclusive engagement means you’ve only got one week to check out this film. Check it out on this day and the director, Brett Morgen, will be in house. This authorized portrait will take you into the world of Cobain.

We Gather Here Today…

DSCN0529There comes a time in every woman’s life where she must, with great sadness, say goodbye to someone dear. Yes, they have traveled with you near and far. They have been with you each and every step of the way. They took life up a notch. You would even say they elevated you.

It is time to replace the black bootie. This pair has put in the miles. They have been reheeled and then reheeled again. No matter, their ultimate doom was simply that they were not meant to last 5 years.IMG_20150412_142940

Sometimes you grab a piece of clothing or accessory because you like it. You’re not in love with it, but it will do nicely. The investment is low and so is your commitment. There are a few occasions where that relationship becomes serious. You end up spending quite a bit of time with each other. You might even wish you had bought a spare. But how were you to know this would be the pair of shoes that traveled everywhere?IMG_7787

This week I finally take the step to parting. These black booties have been replaced. This time I applied some lessons. These are leather and should be more durable. IMG_7771

If you haven’t added a black bootie to your closet–you should. It goes well with work wear
but also lends itself well to going out on the town. I find booties and strapped heels to be a bit more comfortable as they prevent major insole sliding. Beyond the outfit versatility is the season adaptability. I have been known to wear my black bootie in the middle of summer.

With a closet staple, I always recommend a bit of an investment. Don’t skimp as I did with my first pair. They won’t last as long and when you wear them weekly–that will really matter.

Not sure where to start, take a look at these pairs:

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Say What?

51T6lYz3ooLTravel across the globe to the civil war torn country of Sudan. Here you’ll find the trail of the ‘Lost Boys’ who travelled, on foot, across their homeland. Their walk to them first to Ethopia and eventually into Kenya. For many the trek continued on to Eurorpean and North American countries.

The story is not new, we’ve heard it before-we’ve read about it too. But Dave Eggers takes us into the world of one ‘lost boy’ and melds it with the tales of others in What is the What. Valentino Achak Deng has made it all the way to the States, but as we hear of his current troubles he is transported back to when he was just 7 and life was irrevocably changed.

This poignant tale will move you in unforeseen ways and the urge to continue will not be subdued. Eggers takes this tale and brings it home with one on man’s search ‘the What’ and the meaning that we all seek out.

Weekend of April 10th

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April 10 – Deepak Chopra¬†¬†While his session is sold out, it’s worth it to try and snag a second-hand ticket. Come for the insight leave with a new affirmation.

April 11 – Paws on Science¬†It’s Husky weekend at the Science Center. Meet UW scientists and researchers and get your hands on to some fun experiments. This is your opportunity to learn all the great work being done here locally. It’s on all weekend.¬†¬†TUBALUBA¬†Enjoy this funk, rock ‘n roll and New Orleans influenced group. Homegrown here in Seattle, you’ll find yourself a new local favorite.

April 12 – Questlove¬†Finish out the weekend with the famous producer of popular artists like John Legend. This is your only chance as he won’t be performing anywhere in the pacific northwest.

April 16 РThe Human Experiment This documentary, narrated by Sean Penn, takes a look at the chemical industry.  There are many questions about what is going into our everyday products and this film seeks to discover the truth.  Stick around for a Q & A with the producer and other guests.

5 Burger Joints That Know Their Shit

If you’re living in Seattle or have ever passed through, you’ve tried a Dick’s Cheeseburger. If they don’t rock your socks off, try them at 2am. The great part about Dick’s is that it’s fresh, priced-low and doesn’t make you feel like you’re an awful person. (The latter is because they treat their employees like real people.)

But while Dick’s is great, there is¬†many an evening I just want something more. For that full flavor, and full stomach I head to these places. For a bit more, I can get a truly unique burger and enjoy a meal on a table, instead of my car.

5 Burgers that rock

5) Red Mill Burgers¬†This family owned restaurants has deep roots, going all the way back to 1937. Don’t bother pulling out your cell phone here–they have a rule about that. Oh, and bring your cash they don’t take cards. This is a hometown favorite and therefore a must to try.

4) Blue Moon Burgers¬†Whether you build your own or snag one of the signature burgers, Blue Moon will treat you right. The Brioche Bun is the perfect avenue for delivering their burgers. My only knock is that they actually have American–they know that’s not really cheese, right? Make your trip¬†even better and¬†get them half off on Wednesdays.

3) Phinney Market¬†Their classic does it right, but it’s the Black Bean burger that shines. Even better if you can swing by for their happy hour. Get a late dinner and a steal of a deal. And of course, they source their ingredients locally.

2) Uneeda Burger Just as the name proclaims you need a burger, but really you need this burger. The Classic is my favorite, but Monsieur comes at a close second. Add one of their delicious shakes to make this a full meal. If you can, stop in when the weather is nice. This store boasts large garage doors that make the inside feel outdoors.

1) Tipsy Cow¬†Uh, Maple Bacon. Must I really say more? Yes, this spot is not in Seattle, but it’s well worth the drive. Come for the creative names like Notorious PIG, Beast Mode and The Arsonist but stay for the burger. The grass fed beef is melt in your mouth and you’ll feel good knowing you’re supporting local companies.

Tipsy Cow

Tipsy Cow

Hike Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry’s Balcony is a quickie, but sometimes that’s what you need. You can make the hike longer, by going past the balcony and on to the Dirty Harry museum. Or if you want a true challenge you can take yourself all the way to the peak.

At 3 miles, one way, the Balcony is not the shortest trail, but the mild grade lends itself to all capabilities. I did not bring my little one, and because of the sudden drop off on the balcony, I’ll likely refrain for a couple more years. If you’re less worried about a sudden run in the wrong direction you’ll likely find that they’ll enjoy this trek.

Whether you bring your little one or not, keep a look out for old mining artifacts. They’re scattering along the trail as this was part of an old logging operation. Please leave them behind though, for others to enjoy.¬†DSCN2216

Keep an eye out for the marker at 2.8 miles. You’ll want to go right along a faint trail that will lead you to the balcony. If you decide to go beyond you only need go just over half a mile to find the museum, the trek to the peak is much tougher though.

DSCN2220Consider this hike for a rainy day or one of our rare hot days, as the trail is mainly covered and will provide protection. There are many turnoffs from this trail so make sure you have a map and you know how to read it.

When you head up there, be sure to check trail reports, pack it in-pack it out, and take only pictures, leave the rest.

Weekend of April 3rd

Untitled drawing (1)April 3 – Joe Rogan¬†Tickets are sold out, so the only way to get in is with resale, but if you’re able to snag a ticket for either show you’re guaranteed a good time. He’s much more than the host of ‘Fear Factor’ if that’s what you know him for. He’s full of fabulous tales and smart jokes. OR Hopscotch¬†It’s a beer and scotch festival, so what’s not to like about this? Plus this festival raises funds for our favorite Fremont events–think the Solstice Fair and Parade. If you’re really feeling it, can I¬†suggest a nice smoking jacket?

April 4 – Lil Dicky¬†Now that Chop Suey has returned, it’s no big surprise that Lil Dicky would be showing up on stage. Yes, he’s irreverant, and white, and jewish. He’s on his Professional Rapper Tour and between the humorous ryhmes and the self-deprecation you’re sure to walk away feeling better about your life. It’s all about comparison. ¬†OR Bunny Bounce¬†Celebrate Easter at Woodland Park Zoo Egg Hunts, bunny¬†encounters and more. The best part is getting to witness the animals with their Easter themed treats. Bring the little ones and make sure to have your basket for all the eggs.

April 6 – Mariners’ Opening Game The Mariners are kicking off the season at home against the Angels. I vote skipping work, getting there early to enjoy the festivities and snagging the magnetic calendar giveaway. Maybe luck will be with us and the sun will shine on Safeco.

The Wrap

No matter the climate a wrap, shawl, or scarf is an essential item in any woman’s closet. In the summDP0924201420383283Cer it helps the transition from warm outdoors to cool air-conditioned buildings. In the winter it acts as another layer to protect against the cold. Now that we head into spring, the weather will be unpredictable. When you’re unsure of how warm or how cool they day will turn out, a wrap can act as your buffer.

If you already have a Pashmina, you’re one step ahead. A Pashmina is a cashmere wool wrap-and a great investment. If you’re not ready to pay the pri46878_XXX_v1ce for wool, get the style without the cost.¬†One of the benefits of a wrap is that it can provide the pop of color your wardrobe may lack. Considering picking up one of the bright versions like this Glazed Raspberry from JC Penney. ¬†This is a great low-cost way to test a trendy color. Before you go buy that Aqua suit jacket, try the scarf version.

Beyond an opportunity to try something new, wraps have the ability to bring an outfit together. Since I can use it to accommodate weather changes, I prefer to keep a set in common IMG_2073coordinating colors. This jade version fromWorld Market allows me to coordinate with my minty colors. It doesn’t stand out, and yet still looks purposeful.

No matter how you style your wrap, it’s sure to help out no matter the season. Add it for warmth, a pop of color or to replace a jacket and you’ll see this closet staple prove it’s worth. When you’re ready take a step up and snag a true Pashmina.

The Seattle Late-Night Essential

No matter the city, there is sure to be one meal choice that is supported by all after the bar closes. When I travel to a city, I want that item. I recall trips to college towns that included street tacos and late night delivered pizza the size of a coffee table. For my year in Wichita it was the colossal burritos one could only find at Mexican Burrito.

In Seattle, there’s no late night snack that compares to the Seattle Dog. Essentially, we’re talking about a hot dog with grilled onions and cream cheese. Yes, you read that correctly–cream cheese. I can fully admit that I was dubious. I’ve done mayonnaise, but how could cream cheese be good on a hotdog.

Trust me, it is.¬†An evening out is not complete without one. Whether you grab it from the street vendor in Capitol Hill, or Belltown, make sure you get it right. You’ll enjoy it even more if you snag it outside a Sounders or Mariners game. It’s my favorite pre-game meal.


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Weekend of March 27th

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March 27th – Emerald City Comicon¬†It’s a comic book convention and in Seattle they know how to put them on. Meet Alex Kingston or Grant Imahara, check out the panel sessions or explore the exhibition hall. It’s going on all weekend and your inner nerd is sure to be giddy.

March 28th – Pratt Fine Arts Center Open House¬†Learn about Pratt’s programs and check out a live Bronze Pour. Take the kids along and make this a family affair. You just might discover your newest hobby.

March 29th – King-Snohomish County Regional Spelling Bee¬†The best way to know you’re not as smart as you think you are; watch 70 middle-schoolers spell words you’ve never heard of. If you can’t attend in person check it out on Seattle Channel 21 or streaming online.

March 30th – SDOT Transportation Levy to Move Seattle¬†This is your chance to get educated and have your voice heard. If you’ve never attended a public meeting take this opportunity to learn and meet your fellow citizens.